Lauren Alaina, Scotty McCreery, American Idol

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Which judge do newly crowned American Idol Scotty McCreery and his girlfriend runner-up Lauren Aliana love the most?

Randy Jackson? No way, dawg. Jennifer Lopez? Wrong again. And we'll save you the time—it's not Steven Tyler, either.

Instead, it's Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Marjorie Steinberg, who had the task of approving the winner and runner-up contracts for this season's American Idol finalists ahead of last night's show, an unusual tactic, but a necessary one this year as both remaining competitors were minors.

But enough about that—how much are Scotty and Lauren taking home for their Idol runs?

As expected, 17-year-old McCreery gets the title and the most pocket change, as his winning recording contract will pay him $250,000.

But it's not just money for the winner—he's in for some posh perks, as well, and will be provided with first class travel and hotel accomodations for him and his parents.

And since he's a minor, certain allowances have been put in place for his best interest: Idol must deduct 15 percent of his earnings until he's 18 and place that money in a trust for the singer; his parents, Judith and Michael McCreery, were named custodians of it. The contract also states that McCreery signed an exclusive deal with 19 Records and that, among his other obligations, he must participate in an Idol-themed stage show with Disney Hollywood Studios and go on the now-standard post-season American Idol tour.

As for Aliana, the teen will take home a little less than a third of McCreery's pay, as the second-place spoils total up to $87,500. However—and here's the good news for Lauren and her accountants—that figure could double up to a not-too-shabby $175,000 if when she actually records an album.

So how do their paydays rank in the grand scheme of reality show paydays? Well, for placing second on American Idol, Lauren could still wind up richer than whoever tops The Voice, as the grand prize in that upstart program is just $100,000. But they all pale in comparison to The X Factor, as Simon Cowell has promised the winner an astounding $5 million contract.

His shirts may be snug, but nice to know his pockets aren't.

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