The Terminator's alleged mistress is a "superwoman," according to someone who would know.

Mildred Baena's daughter is speaking publicly for the first time since she discovered (along with the rest of the world last week) that her mother had an affair with Arnold Schwarzenegger, resulting in the birth of her little brother.

Calling her mom a "superwoman," Jackie Roso says she considers her mom to be an inspiration to women out there and she goes to bat defending her against how she's being portrayed by the media.

Any thoughts on Arnold?

No, actually. Roso left The Terminator star out of it, sticking to the topic of her mother in the interview she gave Spanish network Telemundo, which was rebroadcast on Today.

"She's like a superwoman pretty much," Roso said of the woman who kept Arnold's love child a secret for a decade. "She's always been there for us, me and my brothers. That's why me and my brothers will always be there for her."

Baena had kept Roso's little brother's true biological father a secret from her, along with the rest of the family, but Roso didn't seem too bothered by the shocking news, saying she loves her mom even though, oddly, she hasn't spoken to her since the scandal broke.

"I love my mom very much, and she's a great inspiration for any woman out there, working for their kids," she said. 

Rosso adds that no one but close family and friends really know Baena's true personality and that her mom doesn't really need to defend herself to anyone.

"My mom doesn't need to justify herself," she said. "It doesn't matter what any newspaper says or anything, because I know my mom and her friends and her family, they all know her. The Mildred that they put out there is all gossip, rumors."

Baena, meanwhile, is now threatening to sue Entertainment Tonight, claiming that an interview they paid her ex-husband Rogelio Baena six figures for was all lies. In the interview that aired Tuesday, he claimed his ex-wife led him to believe the boy was his biological son until last week. Baena's lawyer Michael Saltz refutes this, claiming Rogelio was always aware he wasn't the boy's father. 

In a letter to ET, Saltz states that Rogelio "has "a long history of infidelity" and "abandoned" his wife and newborn son Roger in 1989, never paying child support for Roger or the child that he supposedly thought was his biological son.

And where is the man at the center of the scandal? Schwarzenegger was spotted in public for the first time since the news about his lovechild broke, riding a bike in Ketchum, Idaho, where the entire family used to vacation together.

He was there alone.

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