Sneak a Peek at Tony Romo & Candice Crawford's Wedding Registries!

Texas twosome tying the knot this weekend and we've got their Macy's and Crate & Barrel wish lists

By Cristina Gibson, Claudia Rosenbaum May 26, 2011 6:17 PMTags
Tony Romo, Candice CrawfordLarry Busacca/Getty Images

Tony Romo and Candice Crawford plan to get hitched this Saturday.

And while the Texas twosome ties the knot at a private historic mansion in Dallas, it turns out their taste is a bit more down-home when it comes to wedding gift requests.

So where has the couple registered, and what's the big ticket item they're hoping for?

The two have registries, at Macy's and Crate & Barrel.

The highest priced gift they're asking for isn't fancy crystal or china. It's actually a $550 Dyson vacuum cleaner, which someone has already purchased (Chace, possibly?).

If you'd like to get the happy couple a present, there's still some options left that are sure to suit your budget, no matter how big or small.

At Macy's, the Wusthof 8-piece knife set hasn't been bought yet for $399.99. If that's a bit pricey, the sharpener is only $19.99.

If you're really low on dough, a condiment cup at Crate & Barrel is only 95 cents.

The couple is also accepting gift cards.

Congrats and happy homemaking!