U.S. Navy Seals

U.S. Navy/ Michael W. Pendergrass

What, too soon?

The Walt Disney Co. has withdrawn its application to trademark "SEAL Team 6," the name of the elite Navy SEALs squad that carried out the killing of Osama bin Laden, for later use in an ABC series akin to NCIS or JAG.

Yeah, the Navy wasn't nuts about the idea...

While Disney was quick to submit the paperwork—two days after bin Laden was shot to death in Pakistan, in fact—it was also pretty quick to rescind its request after the U.S. Navy balked, with a spokeswoman saying they are "fully committed" to protecting their own trademark rights.

Disney explained that it withdrew its own application in deference to the Navy.

Soak it up, for easy resolutions like this one do not come around every day.

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