Oprah Winfrey

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Dear Ted:
Let's talk Oprah. So sad her show ended. I know everyone thinks she is the popular guess for Butter Pussy, but I just don't buy it. I mean, remember how Ellen DeGeneres officially came out on Oprah's show? I just don't think that someone who would be so supportive and open as to give Ellen a platform to do that could stay firmly locked in the closet herself. Love ya, and great job with trying to quit the cancer sticks.
—A Former Smoker

Dear The Big O:
You have good reason to doubt that muy popular Vice guess, super-puss. I do, too. But isn't it interesting you didn't actually ask me to answer, so...I won't!  Regardless,  haven't I always told you that some B.V.s aren't as obvious as they seem? But Oprah does have some dirty little deets that she managed to keep secret all these years she was on air. Impressive, huh? But that's why she's the most powerful chatty cathy ever.

Dear Ted:
Please say it isn't so: Renée Zellweger and John Mayer?! This calls for some sort of intervention. Can you do anything to get Renée away from this schmuck?! I know you have a "don't get involved" policy but can you make an exception? P.S. So proud of you for giving up the cigs!!!
—Huge Bridget Jones Fan

Dear B.V. Bonding:
Hey, maybe Renée's body is a wonderland. Yuck—sorry, didn't mean to plant that imagery so early in the day. But I will say this: Renée and John actually make more sense together than Renée and Bradley Cooper or John and Jen Aniston.

Dear Ted:
You had mentioned that Britney Spears was being "creatively coddled," does that mean she still wants to make music, and if she got to make the music she wanted to...would she dance/perform like she used? One more question about Britney: Her boyfriend—good news or bad news?

Dear BS Alert:
Probably not. It's tricky with Brit—she does love making sweet music, but she's just doesn't seem to have the confidence she had on stage that she once did. Or she just knows that people will pay to see her no matter what. As for the BF, he's better news than a lot of the folks she's been mixed with, but some are still dubious of his ways.

Dear Ted;
Please don't hate me but I'm hoping that you will blurt out the true identity of at least one of the Blind Vices due to frustrations of not smoking anymore. Is that too evil of me?

Dear Evil:

Dear Ted:
WTF dude! I love The Hunger Games, but in no way is it better than Twilight! Why!? Well just to name one thing: It doesn't have Edward Cullen! And I'm talking books not the movies or Robert Pattinson. There's no comparison.

Dear Bite Back:
Guess I'll have to say we agree to disagree, doll. I'd much rather have a man like Peeta who realized he's got a strong-ass gal by his side than an overcontrolling, albeit hot, vamp.

Dear Ted:
Just watched the Glee season finale and loved it! My question is about the beautiful Naya Rivera. I couldn't help but notice that she has had a solo in almost all of the last few episodes. Is this just an appreciation of her fine vocal stylings, or is her diva 'tude finally bearing fruit?

Dear Sing Off:
Naya's onset shenanigans are different than Lea's patented diva antics, trust, but she's not getting those solos simply because she's got a pretty voice (which she does). She knows how to make a splash on the boob tube and in the tabs.

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