Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jesse James, Mel Gibson, Tiger Woods, Charlie Sheen

Arnold Schwarzenegger, Tiger Woods, Jesse James, Mel Gibson and Charlie Sheen aren't exactly the kind of dudes you want to bring home to mom and pop.

With a few DUIs, bullet wounds, racist rants and love children between them, this group of super dubious fellas all landed themselves a deserved spot on our Biggest Manskank poll.

You voted, and now we have the surprising results.

And the winner is...

Well, it's nearly a tie!

While Jesse James was in the lead for days following our initial post, leave it to Arnold Schwarzenegger to ultimately terminate the competition.

Good 'ol Ahnold takes the manskank crown with 29.6 percent of your votes. Mazel tov, Arnie!

Following closely behind the Kindergarten Cop is Jesse James, who earned 28.9 percent of our precious readers' picks. That's what you get when you mess around on America's sweetheart with a Nazi-impersonating mistress, J.J.!

Want to see where the rest of the sleazoids fell in our poll? Check out the below brand spankin' new manskank gallery to see who landed where and why.

We even gave you a bonus manskank for good measure! Can ya guess who?

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