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Michael Becker / FOX

If the volume of Twitter posts has anything to do with who wins American Idol this season, then things aren't looking so good for one of the two finalists.

Based on the number crunchers, who does Twitter predict is going win,  Lauren Alaina or Scotty McCreery?

According toYap.TV, a social TV app for on Apple iPads, iPhones and iPods, the contestants on the popular Fox talent show who have trended the highest based on the number of tweets they generated 24 hours after Idol has aired have wound up being eliminated.

And that could spell doom for Lauren.

Analyzing the data coming in from last night's penultimate episode via its Pulse chart, Yap found Lauren beat out Scotty for the most tweets in the aftermath—just like Jacob Lusk, James Durbin and Haley Reinhart did the night before they got the boot.

"On the YapTV poll, Lauren was clearly in the lead in terms of overall Twitter volume last night. So certainly based on our experience, Scotty will be the most likely to win," YapTV CEO Trevor Stout tells E! News.

"We predicted the last four weeks running. It's almost eerie."

Although counterintuitive, Stout's formula has been suprisingly accurate.

"We really started taking notice of this with Pia [Toscano] who was top of the Twitter list for three weeks running so to see her get eliminated was a big surprise to us," he says.

Idol producers could not be reached for comment. But one theory as to why folks on the microblogging site seem to rather tweet about their Idol favorites than actually vote for them may have to do with demographics. Many of those online are between the ages of 26-34 whereas a large chunk of American Idol's viewership is 13-17 and can vote repeatedly, skewing the data (by the way, according to Fox, Idol viewers cast a show-record 122 million votes last night).

Or maybe they just like country.

As for Yap's prognosticating? We'll find out in a few hours.

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