Ed Westwick


Gossip Girl star Ed Westwick will be trading his sparkle suits and trademark scarf for deathly fights and bloodied swords! Yep, the dandy-boy Westwick is the latest to join Carlo Carlie's adaptation of Romeo and Juliet, alongside Hailee Steinfeld and Holly Hunter.

Fab! But will Westwick be taking the iconic role once held by Leonardo DiCaprio?

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Wherefore art thou, Romeo? Well, he's still MIA. Westwick will, instead, be tackling the role of Juliet's hot-headed cousin Tybalt. Sadly, this also means our debonair G.G. dude won't be swashbuckling before us for too long, as Tybalt traditionally kicks the bucket in Romeo about midway through, that is, if Carlie and screenwriter Julian Fellowes stick to tradition.

Maybe it's time for a little reinvention? Sounds good to us! Maybe Tybalt and Romeo could actually be fighting in the first act, not because Romeo's and Juliet's families don't get along, but because Tybalt is secretly in love with Romeo and doesn't want him marrying Juliet in the first place.

Which means Carlie has to cast Chord Overstreet as Romeo (it's a must!). They have a little encounter that Chord just thinks is a growing-up experience, but Ed, well, Ed's in love.

You all like?

But whatever, we're just glad Ed was cast in something bigger and splashier, just like how Blake Lively's doing all over the place. Does anybody even watch Gossip Girl, anymore?

Oh and while Tybalt Capulet doesn't roll off the tongue quite as smoothly as Chuck Bass, if he could respond with, "I'm Tybalt, bitch," at least five times, that would be great.

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