Maria Shriver, Arnold Schwarzenegger

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As a former TV journalist, Maria Shriver knows how to track down a good story.

But when it comes to leaking one?

Following a report this morning that Shriver's camp put out the clues that the Los Angeles Times used to break the bombshell story about Arnold Schwarzenegger's secret son, an insider is trying to clear Shriver from anything that appears unseemly. And that includes another report that Shriver has hired a private eye to dig up more dirt on the Sperminator.

"This is a completely fabricated story. Maria did not hire a private detective and she is not the one who leaked the news to the L.A.Times," the insider insists to E! News.

Of course, that statement could be all about the semantics given the denial specifically says "she" isn't the one who spread the news about Schwarzenegger fathering a son with the family's ex-housekeeper—the original report in TMZ actually states it was Shriver's "people" who leaked the baby story to keep Shriver from going public herself.

The statement from the Shriver associates also refers to a Radar item also from this morning that the Kennedy scion tapped the services of an investigator in preparation for what could be an acrimonious divorce.

Reportedly, Shriver wants details on any other indiscretions and specifics on how much cash Schwarzenegger has been steering to mistress Mildred Patricia Baena over the years to care for the boy, now 13, as well as any other under-the-radar money moves.

Again the statement from family source says that Shriver didn't hire a detective. However, we previously confirmed that Shriver has hired top Hollywood divorce lawyer Laura Wasser, and the attorney's office has remained mum on whether the firm retained the services of an investigator. So technically, there's a chance the Radar report isn't completely off-base.

This much we do know: this case isn't going away quietly.

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