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After a marathon season that featured Britney Spears, Gwyneth Paltrow, John Stamos, a Thriller of a Super Bowl, the introduction of Darren Criss and more relationship twists than a Slinky, Glee finally arrives at the second-season finale tomorrow night. What's to become of fan-fave couples like Will (Matthew Morrison) and Emma (Jayma Mays), and of course, Finn (Cory Monteith) and Rachel (Lea Michele)? Get the inside track on how things end up for your favorite Glee pairing, plus hot scoop on your other faves, including Fringe, Sons of Anarchy, Entourage, Dexter and The Office!

Kelly: What's the good word on fall's new pilots?
We're happy you asked. This weekend, instead of seeing sunlight, we burned through all of ABC's new lineup. We're just dedicated like that. There is just so much to say so for now will give you our first impressions. Once Upon a Time: Watched it four times. Pam Am: Surprised us. Charlie's Angels: Glossy and fun. Work It: We hate ourselves for laughing. Good Christian Belles: We still miss Kristin Chenoweth in Pushing Daisies. Revenge: Intriguing. The River: Blair Witch Project. Suburgatory: Mean Girls with a very hot dad. Scandal: Kerry Washington is a goddess. Keep checking back with us in the coming weeks as we get early looks at the new shows.

Ellison: What's the status of Entourage?
We spoke to Kevin Dillon at the CBS upfronts (he's starring in a new show called How to Be a Gentleman), and he told us they're halfway through shooting the final season. He promised guest stars galore (duh), including, for all you sports fans out there, Amar'e Stoudemire. (Yay?)

Spoilers: Spoiler Line: Do Not Cross

WElove123: In the name of the almighty Groff, please can we have a cryptic tease for Will and Emma in tomorrow's Glee finale?
You know we couldn't ignore the use of Groff as a pleading device! Tricky, tricky. But lucky for you, we can give a little tease about Will (Matthew Morrison) and Emma (Jayma Mays) in the finale: They will be involved in one of the many cliffhangers.

bagelsvswaffles: FINCHEL!!!! No, I'm kidding, I don't care about Finchel. Will the finale have a storyline, or will it just be a 1000 songs?
You don't care about Finchel? Oh, snap! I hope Finn-Rachel fans don't come after you. But back to your question. The finale is song-heavy, but there is so much going on that there will be no shortage of storylines. Maybe we'll just let Chord Overstreet tell you about it: "There's a bunch of drama in that episode. There might be a little bit of Finchel. There might be a little bit of drama between Quinn (Dianna Agron) and Rachel. There might be a little bit of old flames lighting up again. Who knows?" You do, mister! Now spill! "The finale is going to be so good. You guys just have to watch," he tells us coyly.

gleebeliever Any more hints about Finchel in the finale? I've waited so long for them to be together again.
You didn't think we'd let the last Spoiler Chat before the Glee finale have zero mention of the most-asked-about couple on the show, did you? Finn (Cory Monteith) and Rachel (Lea Michele) do find time during the crazy New York/Nationals trip to address their feelings about each other. Don't think for one second that Finchel will be all about singing and longing looks in tomorrow's episode.

FRINGE, Joshua Jackson, John Noble

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Jenny in L.A.: The Fringe finale blew my mind. Will baby Henry be back? I mean, logically he doesn't exist anymore right? And Peter (star Josh Jackson) has to be back, right?
We went straight to the First People—Fringe show runners J.H. Wyman and Jeff Pinkner—with your questions, who gave us some very disturbing answers. First: "You are correct, logically he [baby Henry] doesn't exist any more." And second, regarding Peter's return, they replied: "Josh Jackson is coming back to the show." Whether he's bring his eyebrows with him is another matter.  

dextergrblog: Any Dexter season-six news?
Episode two of season six is called "Once Upon a Time" and features a wholesome-seeming elementary school teacher (doe-eyed victim or secret psycho killer?!), and introduces a group of street-smart Latino kids who are likely to be recurring characters. Look for Nick, Diego and Leo to pop up throughout the season.

Kylee: Could you please tell me anything you've heard about the new season of Rookie Blue? I watched it last summer and absolutely loved it and can't wait for it to come back. Will there be more episodes this year?
We've more than heard about the new season, we've seen the exciting summer premiere. And it's really good. We can tell you when Rookie Blue returns on June 23 there is love, laughter, singing and a near-death experience to throw everything back into perspective. This is dangerous job, after all. The savvy TV viewers will also suspect that a new smart and sympathetic detective, and Luke Callaghan's (Eric Johnson) ex, will stir up trouble this season.

lifeleft_togo: Anything regarding White Collar?
We don't like it when our favorite bromancers, Neal (Matt Bomer) and Peter (Tim DeKay), are quarreling. In the season-three premiere, Peter's spidey senses tell him that Neal is lying. OK, that's not much of a stretch because Neal usually is lying, but is he skilled enough to able to pass a lie-detector test?

Ceecile: Anything plot-wise on Shameless?
The extremely sweet Shanola Hampton told us what she'd like to see happen with Veronica in the next season of Shameless: "I think it would be nice to continue with whether Kevin and Veronica are going to start this family and how it's going to be. Is it going to be with the foster child? Are we going to get pregnant and have little tomorrow people as Kevin calls them?" We vote for all of the above.

Sons of Anarchy, Charlie Hunnam

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Wild_Child93: Please give us diehards anything SOA!? I don't care how small, hell, it can be what Gemma's new car is! Anything helps!
Loyal Sons of Anarchy fans will be in hog heaven (terrible pun intended) when season four premieres. Jax is shirtless, Big Otto gets a scene or two, Tara is still breastfeeding (any scenes that involve Maggie Siff's cleavage are fine by us), and the guys will have an array of awful new antagonists to (eventually) take down.

Lizzie: Will Coby Bell be on Burn Notice again this season even though The Game got picked up?
Yup, he sure will. Coby Bell's character Jesse Porter is listed as a series regular in all casting calls, and thank heaven too, because he is the perfect addition to that cast. Bell brings just the right amount of new energy to the show without overwhelming the existing character chemistry. Also, he's so pretty.

Nicki: Anything new on In Plain Sight?
Look for developments involving Mary's baby in episode 12, which is called "A Womb With a View." Yes, the episode is about a pregnant witness, but if you've watched more than 15 minutes of series television in your whole life, you just know that something major happens with baby Shannon in this ep as well.

ghostflower7: Do you guys know the episode order for season eight of CSI: New York?
We asked, but we got the obligatory, "CBS hasn't announced any episode pickup counts for any returning shows yet." So hold tight. We must admit this doesn't dampen our enthusiasm for CSI: New York's renewal even slightly. Happy dance!

Teresa: Weeds?
In what may be a case of wishful character naming, Weeds producers are looking for a handsome 50something named Kline (as in Kevin?) to play a hedge fund CEO slash love interest for Nancy Botwin (Mary-Louise Parker). First appearing in episode four, Kline will be a recurring character throughout season seven.

kellybrennan21: Is anything going to happen between Annie & Auggie this season on Covert Affairs?
Can't say. But we can say that Auggie is going to meet a comely flight attendant from the Continent. Her name is Franka, she has a cool accent, she's a sweet kid and she gets sucked into an "adventure" with Auggie. Hmmmm...

House, Hugh Laurie, Lisa Edelstein

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abaker20: If next year is House's last season, will Jennifer Morrison be back on the show? I think she can make House happy.
Purely for selfish reasons we're going to hope Jennifer Morrison can't come back to House, because in the fall she is starring in one of our favorite new ABC shows, Once Upon a Time. Seriously, we'll sacrifice Dr. House's (Hugh Laurie) last chance at happiness in favor of launching this awesome new drama.

Mason in Wyckoff, N.J.: I don't buy that no one knows who the new boss will be on The Office. Tell me something!
Sorry, but we think the only person who knows who the new Regional Manager will be is the actor/actress playing that role come the fall. But why not focus on other things about The Office? Like…how awesome it will still be despite losing Steve Carell? "We got a whole great amazing ensemble cast to step into the void," Ed Helms reassures us. "I'm honestly so excited about all the possibilities. [There's] a lot of great stories in it."

Francine in Ga.: The Secret Life of an American Teenager finale is supposed to be epic. Got anything to share?
Ken Baumann would definitely agree that the finale is going to be a big one, especially since it's wedding time! "The June 6 finale is huge. It's a huge episode for all of us and it has a lot of ramifications for the next season," he tells us. "Francia Raisa and I have both been very lucky to live out the logical conclusion of that finale."

steph2698: I want Pretty Little Liars to come back on! I need to know what's gonna happen with everything! I can't wait any longer!
Neither can we! How about we share with you what Shay Mitchell told us about Emily next season? "She was kind of starting something with Samara (Claire Holt) in the last episode, and so that continues. But we can't go too far into, because Emily is moving this season, so she doesn't want to start anything she can't finish. So she's cautious of that, but still having fun."

Raven: Any Nurse Jackie scoop?
Just that the June 20 season finale of the newly renewed Nurse Jackie is a can't-miss episode. (Guess who has to pee in a cup to prove she's drug-free?) Oh, and the character least likely to have a crazy secret reveals something stunning, and it's going to totally switch up the show next season.

—Reporting by Jenna Mullins (@jbomb11), Jennifer Arrow (@JenniferArrow), Christina Dowling (@fatherdowling) and Drusilla Moorhouse (@DruMoorhouse)

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