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After tons of rumors that True Grit breakout star Hailee Steinfeld's next role will be as Juliet in the Carlo Carlei-directed Romeo & Juliet, we can confirm, straight from the young beauty's mouth...

It's true!

"I'm doing Romeo & Juliet this summer, so I'm getting really into that," Steinfeld revealed to us at the Young Hollywood Awards Friday.

But who will play the 14-year-old's Romeo?

"We don't know yet!" Steinfeld dished to us at the awards show.

So who would be the young starlet's dream Romeo? The Robert Pattinson to her Kristen Stewart?

"As much as I've thought about that, I honestly don't know," says Steinfeld.

So with no suitors in mind, we asked the Oscar nominee to take our Ditch, Do or Marry Poll: Single Stud edition, naturally.

Between Leonardo DiCaprio, Bradley Cooper and Ryan Reynolds, the coy actress played it safe by saying, "That's too hard! I love them all! I don't know, Leonardo is kind of amazing."

Too bad Leo has already played Romeo!

But the True Grit star, who was presented with the Breakthrough of the Year Award by costar Jeff Bridges, says she is more than ready to trade in her cowboy hat for a flowered crown.

"Juliet is obviously very different from my role in True Grit, so I love that. I love the fact that it's very different, so I'm excited to explore a new side," Steinfeld said of the role that almost went to Lily Collins, who apparently dropped out after being cast alongside Julia Roberts in Snow White.

With the film shooting this summer in Italy, perhaps one of the nearby Jersey Shore dudes will step in as Steinfeld's Romeo!

Or in that same dark-haired, ab-perfect line of thinking, what about Taylor Lautner?

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