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The Lost series finale aired one year ago today. Now that we've all had some time to process, what do you think of the great show's big exit? Did you consider it heart-wrenching and perfect in the immediate aftermath? Or were you infuriated as the curtain fell? Are you now able to take a step back and see the greatness of it all, or have you only gotten more frustrated over time? Let's discuss where we all landed after "The End":

So...have you figured it all out in the intervening year? Does it make more sense? After a year to consider things, are the six years you spent with the show more or less rewarding?

Speaking personally now, the finale, and indeed the entire last season of off-Island material, was something like an insult. As it turns out, giggled the writers, nothing you were invested in was important at all. Nothing has meaning. Desmond wasn't special. None of the relationships did anybody any good, least of all Sun and Jin. For that matter, apparently Jack & Kate and Sawyer & Juliet were the OTPs of the show. (Really? REALLY?!) Sayid would never find peace, just the quiet of self-inflicted death. Claire wasn't saved by Charlie's sacrifice, not really, she was saved by a million other random circumstances. Jack was important, for a couple of hours there at the end, but just in case you missed it the past six years, he really wasn't much a hero, all things considered. Sawyer and Locke were stooges all along. Hurley was rewarded for his goodness by permanent exile in a Eden-shaped hell with Ben Linus. And all of the quasi-happy alt-universe stories that existed in the flash-sideways? Well, they were just a collective fever dream, and the series saved six years worth of exposition credits to spend on explaining heaven's nondenominational antechamber. Are you kidding!?

In short, the final season seemed devoted to underlining the nihilistic analysis of Lost. Nothing matters in life or on the Island, it's just an pointless amalgam of circumstances, signifying nothing, so you, fans and humans, are stone-cold suckers for buying in to the whole long con. Suffice it say, we are not pleased at being taken for fools.

(Again, this is just one opinion, kiddos. For her part, Kristin Dos Santos loved the finale.)

But hey, everybody experienced the series through their own lens, and everyone has their own joys and frustrations. What are yours? Share your take on the end of Lost in the comments, we want to hear what you think and how you feel at one year's remove.

Lost, One Year Later
What's your final grade for the entire Lost series?
What's your final grade for the Lost finale, "The End"?
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