Ricky Gervais

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Ricky Gervais is at it again!

The co-creator of the hit show The Office turned to his blog when criticizing the season finale, which suggests that the series "jumped shark", says The Hollywood Reporter. People weren't very happy with what he wrote, so he decided to write again, retracting some of what he said...

And the C-word was involved.

"Sorry, who dissed The Office finale? I f---ing didn't, that's for sure," Gervais writes, "I simply said it's different to the original which I created and made with different ambitions. What's wrong with that?"

Well, nothing really. So he addresses the, "If you're going to jump a shark, jump a big one," line that got people riled up.

"The bit about it ‘jumping the shark' and being like Chris Martin in Extras was meant to be a little self deprecating in-joke," Gervais clarifies. "I myself, did a fun but pointless, over-hyped cameo in the episode too remember."

So the question comes up: does Ricky Gervais really hate The Office?

"The US version of The Office has probably made me ten times the money that the UK version did. I wouldn't knock it. It's still my show," Gervais explains. "All I said was I do it for different reasons. That is simply what they call the truth. ... After all, every other c--- is."

We're guessing that's a no.

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