Kate Gosselin


Brace yourselves: Kate Gosselin is back in the news. Huh—maybe the apocalypse really is coming?

In court this week, the infamous reality mama was ordered to pay more than $10,000 to a Pennsylvania marriage therapist whom she allegedly hired to help her and Jon through one of their many rough patches back in 2009.

Kate has so far refused to pony up the fee, instead doing what any rationale person would: blaming the ex.

Here's the deal: Sylvia Lafair, the president of Creative Energy Options, says in March 2009, she entered into a verbal contract with the then-couple, who asked her to fly out to Los Angeles and provide counseling services. So far, so good.

Unfortunately, Lafair says that once she got to California, Kate refused to pay for her travel fees and that though Lafair sent bills to both Jon and Kate, never saw a dime from the reality mom.

Speaking in her own defense, Kate took to the stand this month and testified that the reason for that is simple: it wasn't couples' counseling, it was Jon counseling. Kate said that she had hired her own private counselor to help her through the difficult and public breakup and that Lafair's services had been rendered only to Jon—whom, incidentally, Kate said would only join her in California if Lafair was also present.

Despite her testimony, Magisterial District Judge Gerald Feissner ordered Kate to pay the company $10,476, which includes $151 in court fees. However, Kate's not going away without a fight and according to Pennsylvania's Standard Spectator, her attorney Kimberly Borland filed an appeal in the case on Tuesday.

Reality is tough. Especially when it's, you know, actually real.

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