Check Out Selena Gomez's Retro-Glam Album Cover!

Teen reveals the art for the upcoming When the Sun Goes Down

By Natalie Finn May 20, 2011 3:03 AMTags
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These kids today, they grow up so fast. One minute they're Disney Channel princesses, the next they're femme fatales from the Jazz Age.

Selena Gomez has unveiled the cover for Selena Gomez & the Scene's new album, When the Sun Goes Down, and we have to say, much like everything else the 18-year-old does, it's pretty darn adorable.

The singer-actress is all dolled up like a Fitzgeraldian flapper, with a hint of Cleopatra lurking in those thick bangs.

But perhaps the best part is the fact that neither her pose nor her overall look is overtly sexy. Sure, she looks lovely, but she's neither naked nor trying to make you picture her naked.

Well done, Selena.

Speaking of which, When the Sun Goes Down, is supposed to feature "Whiplash," a tune cowritten by Britney Spears.
The third studio effort from Justin Bieber's gal and her all-guy band, is out June 28.


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