Werewolves are so last season.

A new promo for the hit HBO series hit the web teasing its June 26 return, and while Sookie and her Southern company spent last year cuddling up to some deliciously hunky wolfmen, there's a new crop of supernatural suspects in town:


So do we love or hate these broom-ridin' bitches?

Too early to tell—but we'll say this: We were way more pumped for the fangbangers to return when every mention of T.B. was about shirtless Joe Manganiello and his magical six-pack abs.

(At least Joey's hairy Alcide is returning and hopefully with minimal wardrobe in tow.)

And while Bon Temps' kooky coven doesn't seem to be upping the sexcapades of the show (aka the numero uno reason we keep tuning it), we're pleased—and relieved, of course—to announce that it looks like there will be just as much skin.

As if True Blood would disappoint in the horny department!

We did notice one person seems to be on heavy display in this sneak peak and, if you know anything about Team Truth, you'll know we're très thrilled:

Alexander Skarsgård!

Skars' naughty undead Eric seems to be back and badder than ever and, boy, were our knees weak when he told Anna Paquin's sassy Sook that he wanted "everything" from her. Looks like we can expect tons more drama from the Eric-Sookie-Bill triangle this season. Delicious!

And while those lusty love scenes may take "a lot of acting" from Skars—we're sure they're gonna be hot, hot, hot,

So are you into the witches' toil and trouble with their fires burnin' and cauldrons bubblin'? And more important, now that True Blood's done vamps, weres, fairies and witches, what's next?


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