Girl Power Returns: Watch Beyoncé's "Run The World (Girls)" Video Now!

Pop superstar releases music video for debut single off her forthcoming album 4

By Gina Serpe May 19, 2011 2:38 PMTags

For anyone still laboring under the illusion that Beyoncé does not mean business, well, just watch this video.

Described by B herself as "futuristic," "electronic" and "African," the 29-year-old fused all that and more into a still remarkably cohesive music video for "Run the World (Girls)," the first single from her new album 4, due out June 28.

Sure, anyone with two X chromosomes may be ready to grab some armor, suit up and join the Beyonce army after watching this, though the XY folk aren't left out, either: there are lions! Chains! Drooling hyenas! Cars on fire! Riot police! A close up of the old one-fingered salute! And did we mention, Beyoncé getting her groove on in a hot, sandy desert  in less than modesty-protecting outfits?

Bottom line: Beyoncé may have just wangled her way into song of summer territory. And just think, there's not an egg-hatching in sight. But the fun doesn't end there—Beyoncé's also released her new album cover art. Check it out...

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