Cars 2


Cars 2 is steering its way into theaters next month, and you know what that means...

Ka-chow! Here come the product tie-ins.

As it did with Toy Story, Disney-Pixar has teamed with Lego for another set of blocktastic, build-your-own toys, this time featuring Mater, Lightning McQueen, British newcomer Finn McMissile and a host of other action figures straight from the lot.

And to better park the idea prominently inside our heads, the studios have come up with a special trailer that will tickle the Lego fancy of kids of all ages. (We're looking at you, dad.)

And we must say, this is a savvy bit of maneuvering on Disney-Pixar and Lego's part, because after watching this revamped Cars 2 trailer...

We definitely want to collect them all!

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