Jennifer Lopez

UPDATE: The two parties reached a confidential settlement, the New York Daily News reported Dec. 22, 2009.

After making the deal, the plaintiff's attorney says Floyd, the chompy German shepherd in question, headbutted one of J.Lo's housekeepers in the stomach and bit her personal assistant's hand.

"The employees had to get medical help," lawyer William Cafaro said. Both employees testified [in depositions] that the attacks were not reported to authorities."

Marc Anthony stated in his own depo that he ultimately got rid of the onetime German police dog because he was "high maintenance."

One flight attendant isn't after the hair of the dog that bit her—she's after its owner.

Lisa Wilson has filed a $5 million lawsuit against Jennifer Lopez, alleging that the entertainer's German shepherd guard dog made the skies particularly unfriendly during a 2006 private flight by "attacking [Wilson] and biting her pant leg."

The suit, filed Thursday in Brooklyn Federal Court and obtained by E! News, alleges the attack caused her to fall and suffer back injuries that have prevented her from obtaining further work. (View the allegations and full complaint.)

Per the suit, on July 3, 2006, the private company NetJet provided a flight for Lopez & Co. from Long Island to Burbank. Wilson was employed as a flight attendant for NetJet.

At the outset, Wilson says in her suit, Floyd, the German shepherd, appeared to be "a well behaved guard dog," but that Lopez insisted on giving Wilson warnings about how to behave around the animal in flight.

Cut to 90 minutes later, when Wilson walked down the cabin aisle and Floyd "lunged" at her. Wilson "twisted and fell" as a result, "injuring her lower back" in the process, per court docs.

Wilson began treatment within days for back pain and in April of 2007 underwent surgery. Per the suit, she remains in treatment and has been unable to resume her work as a flight attendant, resulting in—what else?—"substantial economic loss."

In her suit, she claims La Lopez "knew or should have known that the animal had vicious propensities" and as a result is liable for the seven-figure damages not only from the actress, but from her Los Angeles-based company, Nuyorican Productions.

Lopez has yet to comment on the suit. Doggone it.

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