Angelina Jolie, Jack Black

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It's not easy topping Angelina Jolie, and Jack Black knows that first hand.

The funny man recently revealed that Jolie gave his wife, Tanya, the gorgeous green gown she wore while pregnant and promoting the first Kung Fu Panda flick at Cannes in 2008. (Tanya was also expecting at the time.)

So what do you get the woman who gives your wife priceless couture gowns? Read on to find out...

The classics, of course.

"I gave her a DVD box set of The Brady Bunch," Black told me last night at the Playlist with the A-List karaoke benefit for UNICEF's efforts to build schools in Malawi. "I don't think it outdid her kickass gift of the dress, but it's kinda funny because she has six kids and is like the Brady Bunch."

The seventies television series has even more meaning to Black and Jolie. It was during that time in Cannes three years ago that Black accidently revealed to the world that Jolie was pregnant with twins by cracking during a Today show interview that she and Brad Pitt will "have as many as (the) Brady Bunch when you have these."

While in Cannes last week for the premiere of the Kung Fu Panda sequel, Black told reporters, "I have not been given any scoops to accidently drop this time."

Jolie reportedly quipped, "I desperately want to give you one."

Well, there's always next time. While Black says he won't assume there will more Kung Fu flicks, he's certainly hopeful. "The thing is these movies are so huge that they can't just do amazing," he said. "It has to do gonzo record-breaking crazy money. So if it does do that, there will be more.

"I'd love to do it for the next 20 years," he continued. "Dude, it's the sweetest job. If you can get a kickass voice role in an animated classic, it's about as good as it gets."

Especially when your costar is as generous to your wife as Angelina Jolie.

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