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How does Charlie Sheen support himself, his ex-wives and his goddess(es) now that he doesn't make $2 million a week? Residuals that good?
—Jacquie, via Facebook

If tabloid bloggers (tabloggers?) are to be believed, Charlie Sheen actually had a hard time maintaining his bubble of fabulousness even before he got fired.

In fact, it appears that Sheen had quite a massive benefactor pumping the Sober Valley Lodge full of cash during Sheen's final season on Two and a Half Men...

That benefactor being one of the outfits that fired him: Warner Brothers. According to a very detailed briefing in TMZ, Sheen had borrowed $10 million from the company.

Sheen already had been receiving base pay of $1.25 million per show. But, per TMZ, $769,230.77 was to be deducted from each paycheck for the first 13 episodes. That amount does not include interest, which was to be paid after the 14th episode. (Sheen was fired after the 16th episode.)

If the story is true, Sheen isn't saying. He didn't respond to my Tweet seeking comment. But it's not unheard of for big corporation to lend thousands, even millions, to elite employees, so don't be surprised if the loan actually happened.

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