Snow White, Kristen Stewart

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With so many fairy tales to choose from, it's pretty funny (or just competitive biz as usual) that two flicks centered on Snow White and her escapades are going to hit the big screen around the same time: Universal's Snow White and the Huntsman and Relativity Media's The Brothers Grimm: Snow White.

And while the battle is continuing to look more and more Grimm—what with Universal bumping the date for its Kristen Stewart version to a few weeks before Relativity's reboot—we can't help but get a bit confused on which Snow White is which.

You, too? Here's your cheat sheet:

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The Story: Comedy vs. Kick Ass!
Relativity's Snow White—which is supposedly about Snow and her dwarfy pals violently reclaiming the kingdom—is described as a "spirited adventure comedy" (tho sources close to the picture tell us the laughs are kinda few and far between), while Universal's Huntsman takes a much more serious, kickass approach to the series. If you're looking for serious fight sequences and the chance of some steamy scenes between Hemsworth and Stewart, your best bet is the latter.

Kristen Stewart, Snow White, Lily Collins

George Pimetel/WireImages; Disney; Scott Kirkland/Getty ImagesLily Collins, Snow White, Kristen Stewart

Snow White: Delightful vs. Deadly!
Relativity Media picked
Lily Collins to play its fair-skinned star—another notch on the up-and-comer's list of impressive résumé credits. Lil has the perfect cute-as-a-button puss to play the sweet little Snow the studio wants. Kristen Stewart, meanwhile, will lead Universal's picture, playing Snow White the warrior as she seeks violent revenge on the Evil Queen.

Charlize Theron, Evil Queen, Julia Roberts

MichaelBuckner/Getty Images; Disney; Lisa O'Conner/ZUMAPress

The Queen: Bitchtastic vs. Bloodthirsty!
Speaking of the queen, she's pretty bad in both installments. But it's only in Universal's pick that she's bloodthirsty. When deemed not the fairest of them all, Charlize Theron will order that K.Stew's Snow be taken into the woods and murdered. Yikes! On the other hand, Julia Roberts will make a deliciously bitchy splash as the queen in Relativity's flick with Nathan Lane at her side. Sounds hilar to us!

Armie Hammer, Prince, Sam Claflin

Alberto E. Rodriguez/, Disney, Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images

The Prince: Hunky vs. Who Cares?
Relativity found its drool-worthy prince in the Social Network's Armie Hammer, and we say perfect! We still have a crush on Armie from his days fighting Facebook and would let him sweep us off our feet any day. The pairing with Lily is a bit creepy, but we're willing to hold our judgment until we see the flick. On the other hand, Universal seems to be giving the leading man status to Chris Hemsworth as the Huntsman, while (also handsome) newcomer Sam Claflin plays the Prince.

The Movie: Which Will Come Out on Top?!
While both films focus on White, they couldn't be more different when it comes down to it. And that's totally cool with us. We're looking forward to seeing K.Stew get her action star on just as much as we are dying to see Julia at her bitchy best. There's enough room for two fairy-tale flicks, right?

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