Best cast ever? Probably.

Hilarious Chuck stars Zachary Levi, Joshua Gomez, Ryan McPartlin and Yvonne Strahovski talked to our own Jason Kennedy about their exciting last-minute pickup for a season five, and reveal what the "huge journey" meant to each of them. Plus, what does Zach think about Yvonne playing the "I'm Australian" card one more time, and what inspired Zach's new Mohawk? 

Chuck Bartowski himself, series lead Zachary Levi, says, "This season is going to be bittersweet as we're all reminiscing and looking at our sets that we spent five years on, and looking our crew in the eye, that we spent all that time with, but I think at the end of the day [the pickup] a great blessing. We obviously just barely came back, as we always do." 

And beautiful Aussie Yvonne Strahovski, who plays superspy babe Sarah Walker, agrees, telling Jason: "It's been a huge journey, especially for me since I came from Australia." She joked,  "I was never used to how these people here operate." Which, naturally, got funnyman Levi to quip, "Yeah, how long are you going to play that card? Like 20 years into her career she'll be doing giant films and like, 'Well, I've just come from Australia...I don't know...' "

As for Levi's cool new haircut, he tells us, "I was gonna go jump off waterfalls and stuff like that, and I was thinking, if we take pictures of this, what is going to amplify the pictures that much more? A Mohawk." Truer words were never spoken.

What do you want to see from the final season of Chuck? Hit the comments with your wish list!

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