Mike Sorrentino, The Situation, Frank Sorrentino

Jason Merrit/Getty Images; TheConfrontationSite.com

Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino wants to stop being exploited by others—he can do that all on his own, thank you.

In an effort to get his bigmouth dad, Frank Sorrentino, to stop blabbing about him and his "selfish ways," the Sitch filed a lawsuit against Sitch Sr. in a Miami court on Monday, claiming his father is illegally using Mike's name and likeness on Frank's website, TheConfrontationSite.

And the reality star's got even more beef with his dad. What else is he warning him about?

According to the docs (filed in Florida since Frank resides in Boca Raton), Mike, who's raking in the dough with appearances and endorsements, also wants his father to stop trying to damage his reputation, which the Situation claims his pops is "actively" trying to do.

The Sitch, who is seeking unspecified damages for unfair competition and unfair business practices, is asking the Miami federal judge to force his estranged father to zip his lips immediately, and prevent him from using Mike's name and likeness on the site.

Last week, Frank went public on his site, bashing his son for "abandoning" the family after he GTL'd his way to stardom. The elder Sitch had labeled his son a "little f--k" and is planning a juicy tell-all book about him, titled Confrontation With Situation.

Sitch the Elder was promoting himself with a series of videos bashing the Shore star for his "hard core paryting, drugs, sex, crime elements" and anything else he can think of about his time growing up.

"Based on what he did to me, my attitude is f--k the little f--k and I'm not holding anything back," Frank yells.

Shortly afterwards, The Situation warned that he'd get a lawyer on his dad's ass. He certainly delivered.

No new tweets from the ab-obsessed reality star on the state of things with his dad just yet—he's been busy exploring Italy with the rest of the cast.

"Guidos are here!!!" he tweeted upon arrival.

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