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We're all still abuzz about the royal wedding—we love our fancy hats and always entertaining Pippa alerts so don't expect us to ditch them anytime soon! So why not revisit one of the monarchy's most infamous controversies: Princess Diana's death.

A new documentary called Unlawful Killing just hit the Cannes scene (the flick hasn't been well received, but rather like some sort of deranged interloper), and it makes some pretty heavy claims about Di, Queen Elizabeth II, and pretty much anyone who's ever come in contact with the crown. Like suggesting that the princess's death is one big cover up to hide some super-shady dealings of the Brit fam.

But is this all just a bunch of rubbish?

Well, let's put it this way: If the royal family did have a hand in Di's death, Unlawful doesn't back up the theory sufficiently.

Still, we asked our Brit sources the same question—after all, it's no secret most of Charles's family despised Diana (particularly after she embarked on her numerous affairs with not-so royal men, including Dodi-Al-Fayed), so could they have played a part in her tragic death?

"It has long been mooted that the queen and Philip were aware of the possible diplomatic 'consequences' of her relationship with Dodi and 'turned a blind eye' to MI5 efforts to stifle it," a super in-the-palace-know source spills.

Unlawful director Keith Allen (daddy of British songstress Lily Allen, just FYI) claims that the royals ordered Di be killed because they didn't want Dodi married into the family. That, of course, with a handful of other damning deeds Allen claims the monarchy has had a hand in.

So what's the truth?

"Did MI5 kill Di with the royals' knowledge?" our source pondered when we proposed the question. "I love conspiracy theories but genuinely doubt it, as I know for a fact do my two most senior contacts."

We'll fess, too: we love a good conspiracy as much as the next gossip monger, but this one is totally ruining our royal honeymoon high.

Can't we just let Di rest in piece, already?

That is, unless, something more convincing comes to light.

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