Michael Sheen, Rachel McAdams

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Dear Ted:
What's up with Michael Sheen and Rachel McAdams? Maybe it's just my vast love of the Sheen, but something just seems a little strange there. My 2-year-old husky gives his kisses. He howls every time I put Underworld on...

Dear McSheen:
While they may not be your traditional H'wood couple—ya know, like say Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling—these two are way happy (tho, not engaged). Looks like Michael leaves all the Vice-type stuff to the other Sheen (Charlie, duh). Maybe that whole nontraditional thing works?

Dear Ted:
Why is it anyone's business who the father of January Jones' baby is? Doesn't she have the right to keep that private? I don't recall people caring this much when Minnie Driver decided to not say who fathered her baby.

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Dear Baby-Daddy Drama:
Sure, she has a right to keep it quiet—all celebs can keep their private stuff a secret, if they want. That doesn't mean people won't pry...especially when the mama is a huge star with a hit TV series and an action flick about to hit theaters. Don't expect things to calm down on the paternity path anytime soon.

Dear Ted:
I know I'm getting way ahead of things with book two casting, but with all the Hunger Games talk I'm curious who you envision as Finnick. I personally wouldn't mind Jared Padalecki sporting a couple strategically placed knots.

Dear Hungry for Hunks:
The age is right, and Jar definitely fits the très sexy description of Finnick in the books, so I say kudos to this casting. Would love to see him kicking ass instead of fighting demons, too. But the H.G. casting folks love to surprise so...who knows?!

Dear Ted:
I recently saw Thor and thought it was great fun. I spotted Jeremy Renner in a cameo as a sharpshooter. Did he do it as a favor to someone? Also, can you tell me anything about the cute actor who plays Loki? I'm crushing on him.

Dear Marveled:
Clearly you don't keep up with your comic dish, babe, 'cause Jeremy's blink-and-you-miss-it cameo was setting up his role as Hawkeye in the Avengers flick. Not too much to say about mischievous bro Tom Hiddleston, except, if getting cast in a Woody Allen and Steven Spielberg move in the same year means anything, we'll be seeing a lot more of him soon.

Dear Ted:
Is Kirstie Alley Butter Pussy?

Dear On a Roll:
Hardly. Haven't you been keeping up with Kirstie's twitter? She's totally man-crazy...if not just a little bit crazy all around. But that's why we love her. Think much less an outcast, though.

Dear Ted:
Looking at photos of Angelina Jolie recently it's quite amazing how thin she's gotten. Her condition got me to thinking about how Jennifer Aniston was also curvy starting out and has since become rail-thin too; although, she looks fab, unlike Ms. Jolie who just looks unhealthy. It occurred to me that perhaps it's Brad that pushed them both to lose the curves...by any means necessary. What do you think?

Dear Pitt of the Problem:
It's definitely more of a Hollywood thing and less of a relaysh with Mr. Pitt thing, S. Gals these days are getting slimmer and slimmer no matter who they're dating—it's a crime, really.

Dear Ted:
What ever happen to Chace Crawford and his career? I actually thought he was going to be the next It boy in Hollywood and wasn't gonna need Gossip Girl anymore. But his other costars (especially Leighton Meester, Blake Lively and Taylor Momsen) are all making a name for themselves in movies and music. I know looks can only take you so far (like Megan Fox), but I thought he was gonna be bigger star. Is he happier he has a paying gig and doesn't really care about being an A-list star?

Dear Chacing Fame:
While Chace definitely has the hair for Hollywood (and the Vices too, trust!), he just hasn't hit it big like his costars. Chalk it up to lack of motivation? Maybe this dude spent too much time pot-smoking in Plano instead of schmoozing up to Gwyneth Paltrow.

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