Celebrity Apprentice, Marlee Matlin, John Rich, Meat Loaf, Lil Jon

Virginia Sherwood/NBC

Tonight's episode was a battle of the last four standing: Meat Loaf, John Rich, Marlee Matlin and Lil' Jon.

But only two could advance. So what happened?

Before the challenge, each of the remaining contestants was interviewed by Celebrity Apprentice winners Joan Rivers, Piers Morgan and Bret Michaels to determine which pair should leave the competition.

Meat Loaf, who Piers referred to as "bonking mad," got the boot for his constant emotional extremes.

"Piers and Joan and Bret didn't like your emotions," Trump told the singer. "But, I think your emotions are beautiful. Even though I think the emotion is a positive, from a business standpoint too much emotion can be not so good. Therefore, Meat Loaf you're fired."

Next Lil' Jon was ousted from the competition for predicting that John Rich and Marlee Matlin would be in the final two, instead of himself.

"The advisors, my three champions, hated your answer when they asked you who should be in the finals and you didn't say yourself," Trump said. "Lil' Jon, you're fired."

With that out of the way, that left Marlee and John to go head to head in a competition to launch the 7UP Retro brand with some of their fired teammates, who popped back up to help them with their task.

Lil' Jon, Mark McGrath and (a very flirtatious) Star Jones joined John's team, while Meat Loaf, La Toya Jackson, and Richard Hatch signed on to help Marlee.

So, did John's zebra-striped 1980's 7UP can have a one up on Marlee's 1970's disco ball design?

We'll have to wait until next week, when the winner of this season's Celebrity Apprentice is named.

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