Glee’s Max Adler Reveals Slushie Secrets and Karofsky's Future

McKinley High's resident bully won't be in a relationship anytime soon

By Team WWK May 15, 2011 8:01 PMTags
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What started out as a one-note character on Glee has become an integral part of a very important bullying storyline, and Max Adler is well aware of what playing Dave Karofsky means to the masses.

But when he tried out for Glee, Max had no idea he would later be carrying the weight of playing a closeted gay high school student on one of TV's most popular shows. He fills us us on the audition process, where his character's romantic life is going, and how it really feels to get a slushie in the face…

Despite being completely surprised by the turn his storyline has taken, Max is not unaware of the importance of Karofsky and Kurt's (Chris Colfer) battle.

"I'm taking it pretty seriously because it's representing a lot of people. Especially after this prom episode," he tells us. "To change that many people's lives from a TV show…it's making a big difference. So, when I get the script, I take it pretty seriously."

When we sat down to talk bullies and 7-11 drinks, Max gave us the inside scoop on what he sees for Karofsky's future, plus a pretty great description of a slushie attack. "I think Chris described it best. He said it's like getting slapped in the face with an iceberg," he laughs.

Check out Max's entire interview below, and we'll see you on Tuesday for the Glee-Dux!

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