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Dear Ted:
Really? You think Twihards are the craziest? Have you ever been in a discussion with a Hunger Games fan? They tend to threaten you. One said she was gonna kill me in my sleep LOL. Yeah, I'm a Twihard, and yes we are crazy.. but we're all talk, no action. Those Hunger Games fans shouldn't be trusted.

Dear Feel the Love:
You may be correct. Sorry, you were threatened, babe, but, it's probably too soon to tell if this is how the majority of the Hunger fans are going to act. But, I think you're onto something: Both the on-camera and behind-camera love stories in Twilight have made the zealous followers tip more towards the romantic side. Will Hunger have that? In other words, even though Jennifer Lawrence is supposedly "taken," will she or another young, hot star from the franchise develop a major chemistry thing, too, that will help inflame (and romance) the fans?

Dear Ted:
All the recent dislike and snarky comments towards Daniel Radcliffe is starting to bug me a little. Why does everything have to do with R.Pattz? I get that you're totally in love with the guy and he seems like a nice person and budding actor, but that's no reason to assume that every other young actor from equally popular movie franchises are jealous.

Dear Delusional:
Just read the item again. Daniel was being a little bitchy. He's jealous of R.Pattz, if not only a wee bit. It's ok!

Dear Ted:
Is Cookie Muncher Rebecca Gayheart?

Dear Not Close:
At least not, careeror age-wise. But, actually, looks-wise? Not so off!

Dear Ted:
I was totally blindsided by your info that Jillian Michaels has been part of a Blind Vice! While I never would have guessed she would have had a Vicey side, it totally makes sense when I think about it now. Hints hints hints!

Dear Think About It:
It's usually the ones whose private lives you don't hear about who have pretty delicious ones. As is Jillian's! (Nothing too kinky, though.)

Dear Ted:
Sovereign Stein-Moongle
has to be George Michael He has an open relationship, his boyfriend is rich and they have been together for 14 years. It all fits. Am I right?

Dear Alas:
No, but, your detective work is most impressive. You lined up all the right details (which also apply to the real Stein-Moongle), just not the right guy. Also, right oeuvre, country and perhaps coloring, have to say.

Dear Ted:
I do not care what anyone says! I would do, do, do Bradley Cooper like there is no tomorrow! He is a little too suspect to marry and he is just too delicious to pass up! Do not care about the other two, maybe Ryan...but it's the Coop all the way for me! Love ya!

Dear Tell Us About It:
I know.
Not only do most readers agree with us, but Aly Weisman and I just about had a cube-freak when John Boone told us he'd ditch Bradley in a second. For Leo! What a doofus!

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