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Nothing like a dose of deliciousness to start the week—and with poll results from a battle of the bros (of course, we're talking about hotties Chris and Liam Hemsworth). Plus a good old-fashion game of Ditch, Do or Marry with some of H'wood's hottest hunks, we got just that.

So which fine fellows pique your A-list interest and which leave you totally turned off? Oh yeah, and just to bitch a bit, which mommy dearest is the total worst? Read on to find out what you loyal lusters had to say:

Chris Hemsworth trumps "sleazy" sibling when it comes to sex appeal.

Let's be honest. Chris and his baby bro, Liam, are both pretty easy on the eyes. But when it came time to pick which family member was most sexy, an overwhelming 71 percent of you thought Thor was way more delish than Miley's man.

While some of you crafty commenters were dying to pick both babes (or neither, as it may be), Chris's humble personality and washboard abs sealed the deal. But poor Liam! Some of you were way nasty when dissing the dude, saying he can't "act his way out of a bag" and his looks are just "eh."

Maybe your opinion will change when he hits the big screen in The Hunger Games? We're sure of it, in fact.

Ryan Reynolds reigns supreme.

Seems like the Green Lantern has another super power: everyone in the friggin' world loves him! We asked you to play Ditch, Do or Marry with some of T-town's newly single leading men—Ryan Reynolds, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Bradley Cooper—and Ry was at the top of everyone's charts.

Leo was the top pick to be kicked to the curb (with the Coop only trailing by a bit). Ry just barely beat out Bradley for most do-able (poor Leo didn't stand a chance). And Mr. Reynolds dominated the marriage race, taking over half the votes.

Makes you wonder what the ef ScarJo was thinking letting him go, huh?

Dina Lohan is a mommy monster—no surprise there!

Shock of the century—Lindsay Lohan's tabloid talky mom is the most hated parental in all of Hollyweird, beating out runner ups Courtney Love and Sarah Palin for the top dishonor. And while Dina didn't have an acceptance speech ready, you all we're ones to mince words:

Commenter Jinx had this to say about Di and her paparazzi-loving posse: "Worst Mother of the Year is a bit too little. Worst Mother of the century, fits better. The whole family is a nightmare. They all should disappear."

Harsh! But we see your point. Better luck next year, Mama Lohan!

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