Why not celebrate the death of bin Laden with a look back at the all-American week of Soup? No, really. Why not?

1. Audrina: In his unique style of sort of maybe running for president, Donald Trump is spreading his brand message wherever possible. And that includes some rather disgusting face time with Audrina Patridge's mom.

Keep going, kids. Four more chunks of chuckle-bait coming your way.

2. 16 and Pregnant: When a daughter is knocked up in her mid-teens, mommy may have made a couple mistakes along the way. But this mommy's finally drawing the line. Excellent timing.

3. Sister Wives: Irrepressible marriage fanatic Kody Brown likes to keep close tabs on what his gaggle of wives are thinking about. In other words, it better be him.

4. The Real World: "Good Christian boy" Mike is in search of some good Christian keister, so where does he go? The church of Sin City, of course. Talk about keepin' the world real.

5. My Cat From Hell: What do you do with a cat that prefers snuggling up in a full litter box to purring in your lap? Ask this dude.

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