Angelina Jolie Talks Kids, Strength & Panda-monium

Jack Black, Dustin Hoffman & director Jennifer Yuh join Angie for the presser at the Cannes Film Festival

By Jefferson Reid May 14, 2011 11:07 PMTags

Now that she's settled all that ruckus about her new tattoo, Angelina Jolie is free to sit down with her costars and the press at Cannes to dish on what sets Kung Fu Panda 2 apart from other run-of-the-mill cartoons. It's no surprise that supermom Angie loves doing it for the kids, or that she enjoys playing a kick-ass character who appeals to the younger set. As for her own children...

"The kids are back at the hotel, running around, having a great time and probably causing a mess," she says. "They love it here." Clearly, she doesn't mind the mess, which is good, because even without kids Cannes can be chaotic. Get all the scoop in the video above, including Jack Black joking about his many Oscars and Dustin Hoffman bringing the creepy to a discussion of Pinocchio's charred extremities.