Vanessa Hudgens

Ian Gavan/Getty Images

Vanessa Hudgens has already moved on from Zac Efron. Now, it looks like California is next.

While attending a euphoria Calvin Klein shindig at the Cannes Film Festival last night, the sexy starlet announced she's relocating full-time to...

New York City!

"She was super excited about it," a source says. "She was also excited to hang with Rosario Dawson. The girls are working together soon."

The Sucker Punch hottie is in the south of France with her girlfriends for some fun, but she didn't seem very interested in the many male admirers she had at the soirée.

"At one point, three different groups of guys approached Vanessa and her friend to hit on them, but she graciously declined each time," our source pointed out. "Eventually Vanessa looked over at her friend and said, 'I just want to dance,' and the two proceeded to twirl around the party."

Ah, yes, the single life.

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