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This week, everyone was in hot competition: for babies, for jobs, for love and of course for the title of Chief Resident. It's almost exactly like a gladiator arena, but Grey's Anatomy doesn't employ lions, they have something even worse: crazy ambitious surgeons.

Which doc stumbled? Who triumphed? And what couple is one step closer to bringing home baby?  


Dr. Mommy: We've seen Derek (Patrick Dempsey) coo over the adorable African orphan baby, but this week was Meredith's (Ellen Pompeo) turn to stretch her mommy muscles. In her own words, she was raised by a mother who was, "as nurturing as a steak knife," so maybe that's not the best example for fine parenting. However, Meredith brings it in the interview and proves you can be a surgeon and a concerned mom. Clearly Ellis just sucked at multitasking. And here we continue our begging: Please, please can MerDer get this baby?

Lady Bait: Come on gals, admit it. There is something about a cute guy with a baby (or puppy) that makes our ovaries inexplicably ache. Mark Sloan (Eric Dane) didn't do a lot of doctoring this week but he carried around baby Sofia like a champ. Added bonus: Lexie (Chyler Leigh) is loving this softer side of Sloan. Sofia is a lot better behaved that his other daughter, and when he told Lexie, "I have everything I always wanted...almost." Well, we just melted. Perfectly perfect. Honestly, we do feel badly about Avery's (Jesse Williams) inevitable broken heart. But we're sure someone will take one for the team and be there to comfort him. And we're available. Just sayin'.

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Stealing Hearts and Jobs: Alex (Justin Chambers) really does have the worst luck in women. Just when you think the poor guy is making the right decision to take a chance on love with Lucy (Rachael Taylor)...Boom. She becomes a job-stealing hussy. We guess since Meredith is all happily post-it and legally hitched, there needed to be a new commitment-phobic lady doc in town. Another job stolen.

Pesky Nepotism: Being Harper Avery's grandson is really cramping Dr. Pretty Eyes' chances at Chief Resident. But he's so noble. And so pretty. At least there was one doctor this episode who was willing to fall on his or her sword rather than stab someone in the back. He bows out of the trial to give the Chief a chance at the prestigious award. OK, that earns him a couple points for Team Avery.

Conifer Heart: Sounds like a bad indie rock song, right? But can we just take a moment to thank the medical researchers over at Grey's for yet another bizarre ailment that we'll be convinced we contracted. Yes, we need to get help for our hypochondria, but we're still never going camping again. Cristina (Sandra Oh) really saves the day and shows yet again why she is a billion times more awesome than Teddy. Maybe she won't be winning the Chief Resident title, but we think she should at least get a cardio goddess tiara. Just a small one, something tasteful.


All the Single Ladies? It's hard to top a bloody two-hour hospital massacre, so how will Shonda Rhimes bring it this finale? With a knife straight to our hearts, it seems. Meredith's clinical trial deception threatens to cost her a job and perhaps husband in next week's emotional season ender.

Grey's Anatomy, Jesse Williams


Triangles Are Complicated: Lexie's longing looks at Mark and Avery's frequent interruptions aren't by happenstance. It's about that time again for a predictable Lexie-Mark involved triangle blowout. But who will prevail this time? Hopefully some ground is gained in next week's season finale. That girl needs to choose one way or another, and we think Sofia could do with three mommies. Why not?

Bun in the Oven: We're not usually ones to be gobsmacked by a notoriously perplexing promo department, but Cristina saying she's preggo makes us pause. Or scream. Cristina being antibaby and Owen wanting a kid might spell finale doom for this once-happy couple.

Not Dead and Buried: We can only hope that Meredith's meddling hasn't completely derailed the Alzheimer's clinical trial. But we do know Adele Webber (Loretta Devine) is still alive or alive enough to come back for at least one episode next season.

So Grey's fans, is Cristina better off as an awesome surgeon/cardio god? Will baby Sofia be enough to bring Lexie to the dark side? And just how excited are you for next week's season finale? Head on down to the comments and fire away!

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