Alexander Skarsgard

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Dear Ted:
You said in an earlier B.B. that you didn't think Kate Bosworth was having a negative impact on Alexander Skarsgård's career. She seems to be getting job offers left and right but, let's be honest, she can't act. He has yet to announce any new projects. So their relationship seems to be working for her and against him. But you stated you didn't think that was the case. So what in your opinion is the reason for Skarsgård not getting new work lined up like her?

Dear Calm Down:
I wouldn't write Skars off so fast, babe. True Blood's still a hit (just how much longer is the question). Plus, Skars-babe has Peter Berg's alien pic, Battleship, coming out next year! That's enough to keep a boy in the news for now. And besides, I've always felt Skarsgård has a little Viggo Mortensen in him. He doesn't take stuff just to take stuff. He's picky, a little aloof and always reliably sexy, no matter what he tackles. Kate excluded, maybe.

Dear Ted:
Has Jillian Michaels been a Blind Vice? She's got to be putting all those endorphins to good use.

Dear Biggest Winner:
Of course she has! And you are quite correct, Jillian has excellent taste (and ideas) when it comes to utilizing those famous endorphins of hers—on a more personal level. Wonder who she's reportedly marrying, by the by?

Dear Ted:
I think Mr. Radcliffe is a bit bitter of Robert's success. Does he really believe that anyone who played Edward Cullen would have had the same success as Robert? No! Why? What he & other idiots don't understand is that Twilight was successful because of the chemistry between Rob and Kristen. Dan forgets that there was a major petition against Rob being Edward. So he's clearly wrong.

Dear Obvious:
I think even Daniel Radcliffe, deep down inside, knows he's wrong—and that your first statement is correct, at least partially.

Dear Ted:
Is there anyway you can stop Twi-hards from hijacking comment sections? They start posting in the most random threads and they usually have nothing to do with the Twilight franchise/Rob/Kristen, et al. It's making me not want to read the comments which can be highly entertaining when they are on topic.

Dear Battle Twi-hard:
I dunno, maybe find out where they live and show up with Harry Potter paraphernalia at midnight?

Dear Ted:
Are your Blind Vices always about celebrities who are currently in the headlines? Would you ever post Vices on celebs who are past their prime (like the Jersey Shore cast are becoming)? Thanks! My fuzzy feline and I love your column!

Dear Not Really:
Good question, but it's something that rarely happens. I did write one involving Liz Taylor, though, not too long ago. Girlfriend always knew how to screw with folks, right up until the end!

Dear Ted:
I am beyond excited that Woody was cast as Haymitch—I know you wanted Brad, but I think this was the perfect casting choice! Now who will be Cinna? I still say Nate Berkus, even though he isn't an actor. I pictured him the entire time I was reading the series....I can't wait!! My havanese, Rickie, and I love you as always!

Dear Not Bad:
Fun idea, but I'm really warming to the idea of Cillian Murphy. Like?

Dear Ted:
I love your column & think I do well at guessing your Blind Vices (naughty!), but Shellac Attack is throwing me for a loop! Can you tell us if she's in her 20s or 30s? Or blonde or brunette for that matter? I'll take any bone you'll toss my way!

Dear For Your Eyes Only:
She's in her 30s—if not later! Blonde—well, that's what the box says, and I mean the one at Rite-Aid. Happy chewing, babe, love ya back!

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