Only four are left standing on American Idol. Well, until tonight's elimination, that is.

But does judge Steven Tyler think voters have gotten it right so far when it comes to who they've kept around?

Our very own Ryan Seacrest asked the Aerosmith frontman just that during an exclusive one-on-one interview following last night's show.

While Tyler didn't say that James Durbin, Haley Reinhart, Scotty McCreery and Lauren Alaina don't deserve to still be there, he did make it very clear who he wishes hadn't been sent packing.

"I was really bummed that Naima [Adedapo] got booted off because there's character there," he said. "The best ones are the ones that us ordinary folks can find character in and hang our hat on that. Not just the great singing."

Another case in point—Casey Abrams.

"Casey growled so much, he growled himself right off the show," Tyler pointed out. "And his talent, to sing and play stand-up bass, is beyond talent. I'm just grateful that we got down to the Top 10 that were there, and how America votes after that, you know."

Tyler also revealed that, prior to taking his place at the judges' table this season, he had never actually watched Idol, and admitted that when he was first approached about doing it, "I didn't give it much thought."

However, he soon changed his tune when he had a conversation about it with former judge Kara DioGuardi and realized, "If there's anything I can do...judging a couple of kids who could sing perhaps, I could do this."

So does that mean he'll be returning for another go-around?

"I love it. I'm having too much fun to not," Tyler said with a smile. "So we'll see what happens."

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