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Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino has a real-life situation now.

After his son GTL'd his way to fame on Jersey Shore, Situation Sr., Frank Sorrentino, is now accusing Mike and his famous washboard abs of abandoning the family.

Cue the bleeper, because the elder Sorrentino is fuming about his "little f--k" spawn.

The elder situation has big plans to cash in on his son's fame—with a planned tell-all book about his kid titled Confrontation With Situation and a new website called TheConfrontationSite, where Daddy Sitch posts videos bashing his flesh and blood and his "selfish" ways.

"I'm calling Mike on his s--t. I've covered up for Mike his entire life, and when I needed his help, he left me hanging. I think people should know what I know," writes Frank, who is divorced from The Situation's mother, Linda.

"Hard core partying, drugs, sex, crime elements, you name it, it's in there," Frank says of his book. "Some of it is funny, some of it you won't believe, and underneath it all, well, it's a hell of a situation, and I think you know what I mean. Based on what he did to me, my attitude is f--k the little f--k and I'm not holding anything back.

Frank's posted everything from old family photos to a series of 12 videos aimed at his son, with titles such as "Sex Tape," "Naming 'The Situation' " and "Rants!," where he talks directly to the camera while seated in a kitchen.

In one clip, Frank rips into Mike, claiming he's "created more situations for me and my life than the name he gave himself."

"You're all for yourself!" Frank yells.

Even the rest of the Jersey Shore team isn't safe. In the section "Frank Reviews the Cast" each of his son's cohorts is rated:

  • Snooki, as he puts it in oh-so-classy terms, is a "4-foot-11 piece of s--t."
  • Deena Cortese? She's a "first-class Italian pig."
  • Ronnie? He's a "f--king crybaby."
  • And Vinny? Vinny he likes. "Good lookin' guy, seems like he's got a lot goin' on," Frank says.

The Situation is trying to take care of this ugly family situation, with his rep releasing a written statement saying the abtastic star is "saddened" by his father's actions and that the two are estranged. Oh, and that if Daddy Dearest keeps it up, The Sitch is prepared to dispatch some badass lawyers.

"We are not offering any further comment at this time and are seeking the advice of legal counsel," the statement reads.

For now, The Situation is summing up the family war on Twitter, writing earlier today, "The haters are gonna hate!" along with a pic of him with his fist in the air. The caption on it reads "If you're havin' GTL problems I feel bad for you son. i got 99 problems bein' the Sitch ain't 1."

This sounds like the makings for an awesome Father's Day.

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