Cannes 2011 tile

Antonio Banderas and Salma Hayek perched atop a giant pair of boots right on the beach in Cannes promoting their upcoming animated flick, Puss in Boots, after screening clips of their still-in-production Shrek spinoff.

The Latin heartthrobs clearly have a bond. In fact, read on to hear why Salma says of Antonio, "I can feel him in the room when I'm doing it."

But Salma's billionaire hubby Francois-Henri Pinault needn't worry. The "doing it" she's alluding to is recording her dialogue in the studio solo. Seems the actors' hectic schedules haven't let them work together in the studio yet, though they should be doing so soon.

Both actors clearly adore their project, which Salma insists is "not the typical spinoff. It really has its own space and style and feel and sensation."

Antonio adds that he feels uplifted by the fact that fans stopped their Cannes screening 14 times with applause and laughter. Hopefully, the final version of Puss in Boots will retain that same kick.

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