The Voice Recap: Did Frenchie Davis Survive the First Battle Round?

Disqualified American Idol alum fights for her singing life

By Natalie Finn May 11, 2011 3:30 AMTags

It's getting really interesting on The Voice.

Tonight was the first battle round, in which the celebrity coaches pit their team members against each other in pairs and then select one to move on to the live shows.

First up Tuesday was American Idol castoff turned Broadway performer Frenchie Davis, who was disqualified from Idol eight years ago over a topless-picture scandal and has returned to this brand-new prime-time singing competition to make herself heard once again.

Did Frenchie find redemption in the ring?

She sure did!

After consulting with Australian pop singer Sia (all the judges had an additional set of ears meet their team this week), Christina Aguilera went with Frenchie over Tarralyn Ramsey after the two divas had their way with Beyoncé's "Single Ladies" inside the boxing ring set up for the occasion.

"I thought I was watching Rocky," quipped Blake Shelton, who then went on to make a very questionable choice in selecting Patrick Thomas over Tyler Robinson, even though both Cee Lo Green and Adam Levine were in Tyler's corner (Christina doesn't seem to be one for playing favorites unless she has to).

Not that Patrick didn't do "Burning Love" justice, his booming country voice easily handling the latter-day Elvis Presley tune. But Tyler's voice sounded more special somehow, and now we don't get to hear it anymore.

"Ya'll have no idea how hard it is to make these decisions. Thank God I have @Reba by my side. #teamblake #TheVoice," Blake tweeted tonight, referring to his special guest, Reba McEntire.

Casey Weston's Stevie Nicks bested Tim Mahoney's Don Henley in their "Leather and Lace" battle, a tough choice for Adam considering both sounded so good together.

"Casey, you remind me of a young Stevie Nicks, but the fact that you remind me of anybody at all makes me more partial to Tim," commented Cee Lo, always the iconoclast.

It was Niki Dawson and Vicci Martinez, however, who had all the judges standing up after seemingly offering up their own hearts as sacrifices with Pink's "Perfect."

"When Cee Lo is old," Blake said, "he's going to reflect on his life and think of the worst mistakes he's made along the way, and one of them will be pairing you two against each other. It's like watching a Super Bowl and it's coming down to the final minutes…I'm not saying crap."

But as soon as Vicci started bending low and stomping her legs in what Cee Lo referred to as her "war dance," we somehow knew the "Forget You" singer was going to pick her. And he did.

"This is so amazing. America finally gets a chance to vote for me!" Frenchie said happily backstage after winning her battle. "I'm so excited!

Actually, in a couple weeks you'll have a chance to vote for Frenchie, Vicci, Casey and Patrick, not to mention whichever 12 hopefuls prove dominant in the next few battle rounds. Good luck to the remaining 28, and may the best singers kick ass.

TUNE IN: While we're on the subject of singing competitions, be sure to watch Steven Tyler, Dateline on E! this Wednesday at 10 p.m.