Taylor Lautner, Nikki Reed, Anna Kendrick, Ashley Greene

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Dear Ted:
Besides Rob and Kris, who do you think is the next hottest cast-member from each of the Twilight series movies so far?

Dear Big Question:
Nikki Reed; New Moon: Anna Kendrick; Eclipse: Taylor Lautner my prediction for the next? Ashley Greene

Dear Ted:
Greetings from soggy Memphis! If a close guess for Shellack Attack is Jenny McCarthy I'm going to guess Jenna Jameson. She's had a rocky relationship with Tito and could be trying to get control of something in her life, plus given their history she's playing with fire cheating on that man. She's also an actress of a kind and through various professional ventures can tie in with all of the And It Ain'ts. Am I right?

Dear No Money Shot:
Though as diligent as your detective work may be, think different arena that made Shellack famous (mush less taboo than porn.).

Dear Ted:
In the opinion of Team Truth, who's sexier: Nikki Reed or Robert Pattinson?

Dear Troublemaker:
Robert. But, not by much.

Dear Ted:
Can I just say that I love that they are using a lot of actors and actresses known mostly for their stunt work as the tributes in The Hunger Game? That will help with all the crazy action that goes on in the games. The final two tributes to be cast, Cato and Clove, are really going to have to hold their own against all these experienced stunt actors. I think Max Adler (the bully from Glee), would make a great Cato, but I am at a loss for a young actress who would fit the meatier female role of Clove. You have any ideas?

Dear Casting Agent:
Bristol Palin?

Dear Ted:
Loved your Do, Marry, Ditch. So...Do, Marry, and Ditch: Toothy Tile, Crotch Uh-lastic, and Judas Jack-off?

Dear You Got It!:
So easy, too: Of course, you do Crotch, marry Toothy and ditch Judas!

Dear Ted:
I'm not sure what shocked me more, finding out that The Terminator and The Kennedy were getting a divorce, or realizing they managed to stay married 25 freaking' years! I always thought it was an odd pairing, but opposites attract, right? So my question is did something major recently go down with the couple, or are they both just so over it?

Dear Bombshell:
Tell me about it! Was shocking they didn't split up earlier, as I've hear for decades (literally) how inappropriate, to put it mildly, Arnold is with other women. Did Maria just get a backbone? Quite unusual for a Kennedy woman. Now, if only Maria would start eating, too.

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