NeNe Leakes to Donald Trump: "Stop Playing With Me!"

Exclusive: Real Housewives of Atlanta star insists she's not a quitter

By Marc Malkin May 11, 2011 12:45 AMTags
NeNe Leakes, Donald Trump Wilford Harewood/Bravo; NBC/Ali Goldstein

NeNe Leakes still feels she did the right thing by leaving Celebrity Apprentice.

But that doesn't mean she agrees with Donald Trump when he calls her a quitter…

"Do I look like a quitter?" the Real Housewives of Atlanta star asked me earlier today when I caught up with her during a visit to E! "But what else is he going to say? I want you to know this—and this not even tooting my own horn—but I am one of the biggest personalities on the show and I walked off.

"That's a problem for Mr. Trump, because people want to tune into see what Ms. Big Personality has to say. But she left, honey! He says, 'She'll regret this for the rest of her life.' Really? Stop playing with me.'"

Leakes says she plans on attending the finale of Celebrity Apprentice. Is she nervous about coming face to face with people like Star Jones again?

"Not at all," she said. "Some of them might be nervous to see me, though."

Remember, the former View panelist hired a bodyguard at one point because she was that scared of Leakes. "She was overreacting," Leakes said. "Star is not worth me touching her."

Leakes insists she's "not mad" about the way she was portrayed in the boardroom. "I came off exactly how I am," she says. "A few people say, 'You're a bully. You're bullying.' I'm not a bully…I'm always going to be outspoken."

Leakes says the only thing she would have done differently on the show is change her potty mouth. "I wish I used better language," she said. "I wish I could have handled that differently."

But then again, Leakes added, "She deserved it."

The finale can't come soon enough.