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If we don't write about the final episode of Smallville, does that mean it's not really happening? No? Damn.

Unfortunately, TV doesn't quite work that way. But on the plus side, ending a fan-favorite show like Smallville after 10 seasons means that the two-hour send-off is going to be epic. Just how epic? Executive producers Kelly Souders and Brian Peterson talked to the press today about what's coming up for Smallville's exciting conclusion, and we know this scoop will only get fans more excited for Friday...

Favorite Moments from the Finale
Kelly Souders: When Lois (Erica Durance) is about to walk down the aisle...I'll just say I have a couple great favorite moments just on the aisle.
Brian Peterson: And there's a very good scene with a door. It's probably one of everybody's favorite scene in the show. There's one shot that is just like the Smallville shot. You'll see it, and you're like, "This is what we needed in the finale." And you'll know it the second you see it.

Lex Luthor's Return
B.P.: We really wanted to keep this Clark's (Tom Welling) finale. But Lex (Michael Rosenbaum) plays a very interesting role, and there a couple of big twists with Lex.
K.S.: They're going to go on to be huge enemies, so [we'll answer] "What's pivotal in this moment that's our Lex Luthor and our Clark Kent?" And how do we wrap up the relationship that's been so complicated and so mixed with emotions for 10 years?

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Chloe's Storyline
B.P.: I think there are a lot of different ways people want Chloe (Allison Mack) to end, and so we, I think, serviced her character in a way that is right for who she was and who she's becoming. And she has one big moment with Clark where we get to see her shine.
K.S.: And I will say that Chloe fans should definitely stay tuned through the entire show. There's a jewel.
B.P.: Yes, there's a certain thing that we did for her that nobody [else] got.

Oliver's Storyline
B.P.: He has a big heroic moment, he has a big arc, he has some complications. Hopefully people feel satisfied with the little conclusion in the finale.
K.S.: You really see what an impact that these heroes coming together has made on him and having Clark as a friend. It's very clear in this defines that relationship and what it means to both of them. And there's a really great moment and you really see their friendship and that bond, and that's what's going to get them through a lot of hard times in the future.

B.P.: That will be answered in the first five minutes of the show.

The John Williams Score?
B.P.: That will be answered in the last five minutes [of the finale].

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What to Put Into the Finale?
B.P.: We know we'll never hit everything. It's impossible. I think the finale hit 80 to 90 percent of what everybody is going to want. More than almost any other episode we've done, I think.

The Final Moments
K.S.:  I still get really choked up, just because it feels like there is such a history. You're ending a whole period of your life that you know you will never ever get to go back to that just had highs and lows, but was just so spectacular in every way. It just won't ever be duplicated in that same way, so it's pretty emotional.
B.P.: We also didn't just want to do an ending; we wanted to do a beginning a little bit. And so I think what we were aiming for was giving people the emotion of knowing what's to come because the end of this show lines up with every movie, a lot of comic books, a lot of other things. Unlike a lot shows, we know where this story goes. And so it's kind of a handoff to those other pieces of canon and those other pieces of mythology, rather than just an ending.

Smallville fans, we were lucky enough to see some footage from the finale, and we are so happy to report that we hit every emotion on the TV-watching scale: chills, tears, smiles, gasping, laughing, goosebumps and more tears. And that was all from only three minutes of footage!

How are you all celebrating/mourning the ending of Smallville? Let's all head down to the comments to last time.

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