Jillian Michaels

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Biggest Loser über-star Jillian Michaels has helped millions, literally, with their personal and lifetime goals. Michaels, 37, just gave an interview to Forbes, where she talked at length about her latest self-help endeavor, a book called Unlimited, and the chat (as well as the book) is filled to the brim with very basic rules in life like imagine, believe in yourself and achieve.

Very Jillian-type lingo. But what are Jillian's own personal goals? Hmmm, she never really talks about that much, does she?

Well, her friends are blabbing:

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"She wants to get married and adopt a child this year," says a source super-tight with the network makeover star.

Wow! That's pretty heavy-duty news for a public figure who's gone out of her way to remain as vague as possible in her personal life. I mean, a gal with that kind of following is going to gather a certain amount of attention when she chooses a lifetime mate, right?

Jillian even hinted to Ladies Home Journal that that lucky partner of hers could be "male or female." Love it, keep those options open, baby!

But hold on, everybody: Jillian's rep would only confirm that Jillian has "completed paperwork" for an adoption and that her client is "on a waiting list" for a baby.

Any specifications for the type of kid she wants? I asked. "Just a healthy baby," the rep replied.

And what about marriage plans?

"That's not true," the publicist continued. "She's adopting as a single parent."

Hmmm. So not what we're hearing from Jillian's other pals!

But good luck, in either case, honey.

And whoever the lucky Michaels spouse is going to be (one day), we certainly suspect it will be someone on the svelte side.

And God save that kid of hers if whoever Jillian adopts prefers reading books to working out!

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