Chuck, Nikita

NBC Photo: Greg Gayne; Ben Mark Holzberg/The CW

Call this a crib sheet to Save One Show.

Of the series still in the hunt for the SOS title, 14 aired last week. Here's how they stacked up in the latest Nielsen rankings—and let's just say some stacked up higher than others:

The Stars (aka, Hits That Won't Get Canceled—If They Get Canceled—Because of Their Ratings): 

NCIS: Los Angeles: sixth place, 14.2 million viewers.

The Mentalist: 8th place, 14 million.

Criminal Minds: 9th place, 12.9 million.

  Desperate Housewives: 20th place, 10 million.

  Hawaii Five-O: 23rd place, 9.8 million.

The Strivers (aka, Middle-of-the-Roadsters That're Doing OK, But Maybe Have Done Better in the Past):  

CSI: NY: 24th place, 9.5 million.

House: 29th place, 8.6 million—and, as of today, renewed!

Brothers & Sisters: 37th place, 7.2 million—its biggest audience in two months.

The Stragglers (aka, Well, the Stragglers):  

Chicago Code: 52nd place, 5.6 million.

  Better With You: 55th place, 5.4 million viewers—stats that would look better (and bigger) if they weren't occurring between The Middle and Modern Family.

Chuck: 72nd place, 4.1 million.

The CW Division (aka, In a Little League of Their Own):  

Nikita: 109th place, 2 million—bigger than the renewed Gossip Girl's audience.

One Tree Hill: 125th place, 1.2 million—about the same as GG's.

Hellcats: 142nd place, 1 million—smaller than GG's. (Uh-oh.)

On the Sidelines (aka, the Rest):

Detroit 1-8-7, Human Target, Lie to Me, Off the Map, Parenthood and V have all already aired their respective season finales.

SOS voting continues here. In the meantime, here's a quick look at the TV week's other ratings winners—and losers:

Lady Gaga: On the downside, Fleetwood Mac did more to perk up Glee (8.9 million viewers) than she did; on the upside, her HBO concert special scored 1.2 million viewers.

• Game of Thrones: Cult fave hit a new series high (2.5 million).

• The Voice: We'd say it was gaining on Glee on Tuesday night, except it passed Glee. So, we'll just say it's gaining on American Idol (especially in the 18-49 demo, where it finished No. 3 on the week).   

• The Office: Yes, even without Steve Carell, the comedy remained a Top 10 demo hit, but… Week to week, it was down 1.5 million overall viewers. 

• Celebrity Apprentice: Another show that took a plunge. But don't blame Donald Trump's mouth—and certainly not Meat Loaf's tears. It looks as if its early early start (at 8 p.m. Sunday, instead of the usual 9 p.m.) was the killer. 

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