Matthew Bellamy, Kate Hudson

Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Dear Ted:
What's your take on Kate Hudson and her quickie engagement to Matt Bellamy? Are they the real deal? I have a hard time picturing her settling down again. She seems to love dating around.

Dear Half Right:
Correction: She loves dating around half-good-looking rockers and famous types, honey. And will Ralph be any different than, say, Chris Robinson or Lance Armstrong, or even A-Rod, for that matter? Possibly. After all, he does seem genuinely more sweet that the typical dork-ass Kate seems to prefer, plus, Matt purchased $7,000 worth of goodies for Kate from just one store in Aspen over the X-mas holidays. Perhaps that's when she made up her mind?

Dear Ted:
Trying a wild guess for an old Blind Vice: Are Judas and Dashed... Wentworth Miller and Luke Macfarlane?

Dear Nice Try:
That's actually a very impressive guess, Steph, closer than you might imagine. Just not Wentworth (or Luke), himself. But right on the strangely out-of-it WASP-clone stare thing, know what I mean?

Dear Ted:
Hunger Games casting—has anyone mentioned Chris Hemsworth for Finnick Odair? He would be perfect! Two Hemsworth bros in The Hunger Games would be hot. Also, what about Rupert Everett for Cinna?

Dear Guy Hungry:
Love the second, hate the first! There sometime can be too much of a good thing, and when it comes to the brothers Hemsworth, one is quite enough. Have you not seen them? Certainly in person, you get that two of them is really close to over kill

Dear Ted:
Curvy, blond, a sort-of actress and not uptight...I'm going with Jenny McCarthy for Shellack Attack!
—Ami, Washington D.C.

Dear Ding, ding, ding:
Closest by far so far! Really close, babe. Just not exactly the right chick.

Dear Ted:
Is Shellack Attack Christina Aguilara? All the clues fit!

Dear Really?:
That's interesting, because Christina and Shellack have taken two very different paths in their work lives, but, not so different ones in love.

Dear Ted:
I've never done this before, but you said that before Rob, Kristen Stewart "did have a wandering eye for someone, in our opinion, sexier than even her current bf." So I was wondering if that person was Kellan Lutz, it's a far stretch but thought I would give it a shot.

Dear Pre-Robsten:
No, think less such an extreme departure from her ex, Michael Angarano.

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