Jay Mohr, Chrissy Teigen

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Our favorite supermodel tweeter is at it again!

Chrissy Teigen, Sports Illustrated hottie and John Legend's brasher half, is picking fights online again and this time, unlike @AvrilLavigne, her target responded and things got ugly:

Better run for cover, Chrissy!

"Nikki Cox and Jay Mohr named their son Meredith. Their son, Meredith. Meredith is their son's name. The name of their son is Meredith," Teigen tweeted when news broke last week that Mohr and his wife, Nikki, named their newborn boy the ambiguous name.

When Mohr got wind of the tweet, the comedian was not laughing about it, tweeting:

"@chrissyteigen Why are you even NEAR me? Take your skank ass somewhere where guys like six's in bikinis. Matt Leinert wouldn't sleep w you."

Them's fightin' words! And hey, leave Matt Leinart out of this!

Teigen, never one to back down, responded, "@jaymohr37 what do you count as 'making fun of your sons name'?? Saying it's feminine? It is. BIG DEAL," wrote Teigen. "What have I said about this name that no one else has, much more evil-ly? It's feminine. OH MY fight to the f--cking death."

As you can imagine, Mohr didn't take too well to Teigen's continued tweets and things got personal.

"@chrissyteigen Tell John to stop texting my wife. He put on a great show in Irvine," Mohr tweeted back in response. "@TwheetyBird @chrissyteigen No, it's fact. JL texted my wife for well over a year. We used it to get free tix in Irvine. Check his phone."

Uh-uh no he diiiin't!

Then of course John Legend weighed in via his Twitter account to defend his girlfriend's, and his own, honor.

"@chrissyteigen baby, be careful messing with such hollywood heavyweights. He could end your career with one phone call," Legend tweeted, to which Teigen replied, "@johnlegend thank you for always loving me just the way I am" and "we are either a PR's dream, or nightmare."

But it didn't end there.

When Teigen wrote, "It's official. @jaymohr37 is a defensive, attention seeking prick. Learn something every day," the new father wrote back, "@chrissyteigen WHAT?!!? How was i seeking attention when you made fun of my son's name??!!? I never knew you were alive!"

After the endless war of words that lasted throughout the weekend, Teigen eventually put down her sword and apologized—in her own way: "much like his career, i have no comeback. you win, jay mohr. you win"

Careful Chrissy, apparently some comedians don't have a sense of humor when it comes to their young!

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