So True? So False? Is Katie Holmes Pregnant?!

Holy Xenu! Tom Cruise's better half steps out with an ill-flattering tank top and Bumpwatch 2.0 commences. But is it true?

By Gina Serpe May 09, 2011 5:34 PMTags

Sure, the more relevant question might be, is the world ready for another Suri? But before we begin preparations for the second second coming, we thought we'd do a little fact-checking. Novel idea, right?

You see, Tom Cruise's wifebot Katie Holmes treated herself to a little shopping over the Mother's Day weekend and in the inevitable ensuing paparazzi shots of her excursion, her belly is looking a little less washboard than usual.

As any semblance to a normal woman's body can't go unscrutinized, bumpwatch 2.0 began, with speculation swirling around the 32-year-old's suddenly (albeit mildly) protruding belly—which, incidentally—she didn't seem in the least concerned to hide.

But is it true? Is Katie Holmes pregnant? Will Tom have to fetch that sonogram machine out of the storage locker? By Xenu, this rumor is…

So false!

Blame the unflattering bunch of her tank top, blame the fact that she might've consumed a balanced meal before the photo was taken (sometimes, celebs really can't win), or, take after Holmes' rep and blame a bad case of Photoshop.

"She's not pregnant and this photo looks doctored," Ina Treciokas told E! News.

So there you have it. No baby bump here.

Jennifer Garner, you're up

—Reporting by Whitney English