If the rhyming title isn't enough for you, then I guess some videos from Saturday Night Live might also pique your interest.

Tina Fey returned to her old stomping grounds (six months pregnant and looking amazing), to host the Mother's Day-themed episode of SNL. The highlights of the night were definitely mama-centric, starting with Tina's duet with Maya Rudolph, who's also preggo. This exchange during the song pretty much sums up every mother's fear for her future child:

Maya: "Promise me baby, if you're a lady, don't move in with Charlie Sheen. Or whoever is Charlie Sheen at that future time."
Tina: "Probably still be Charlie Sheen. That son of a bitch is gonna live forever."

Later on in the show, SNL spoofed Bravo's Pregnant in Heels, a show about a company that caters to the high-demands of the rich and knocked up. Tina played a Jersey Shore-esque client who of course has crazy requirements for her big day: "I want to have a water birth, but instead of water I want Diet Coke."

So do we, Tina. So do we. Happy Mother's Day, everybody!

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