Thor's Opening Day: Mighty or Meek?

Chris Hemsworth flick scores estimated $25.7 million Friday, up a few notches from Hulk, down several from Iron Man

By Joal Ryan May 07, 2011 7:46 PMTags
Thor, Chris

Thor kicked off the summer box office with an estimated $25.7 million Friday.

So, where does that put the god of thunder among other big-screen heroes from the Marvel bullpen?

About where he was expected to be: up a notch from the pre-rebooted Hulk, down several million from Iron Man, and nowhere near Spider-Man.

So, basically, Thor isn't off to a bad start. He's not off to a great one, either. (With his overseas grosses already totaling more than $130 million, the long-haired one may beg to differ on that last point.)

Based on its Friday performance, box-office tracker Exhibitor Relations was calling for the $150 million Thor to win the weekend with a $65 million take.

We'll have the complete standings and analysis tomorrow.  For now, here's where Thor's opening day ranks among those of other recent Marvel-spawned summertime superhero flicks (sequels excluded), as compiled from Box Office Mojo stats:

  1. Spider-Man (2002), $39.4 million
  2. Iron Man (2008), $35.2 million
  3. Thor, $25.7 million
  4. Hulk (2003), $24.3 million
  5. Fantastic Four (2005), $21.3 million