Happy "Friday"! Glee Covers Rebecca Black's Hit

In the upcoming episode of Fox's hit show, the glee club will add the Internet sensation's song to their list of covers

By Bruna Nessif May 06, 2011 10:30 PMTags
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We love Glee for their song choices, and next week's "Prom Queen" episode is sure to have some hits!

"Dancing Queen" from ABBA, "Rolling in the Deep" from Adele, and "Isn't She Lovely" from Stevie Wonder are just a few of the jams McKinley High's glee club will cover.

But the real banger that they'll sing is the one we all wish we could get out of our heads...

Yup. Rebecca Black's "Friday."

Take a listen to the song above and let us know who you think does the song better!

Don't forget to catch the "Prom Queen" episode airing this Tuesday.